Transform Your Bathroom into a Romantic Sanctuary

Mar 25, 2019

Anyone would agree that most of us lead busy, stress-filled lives, and we could all use some relaxation and self-pampering. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s not always possible to squeeze a getaway into our hectic schedules.

So if you’ve decided against the expensive vacation, why not bring that signature resort feel to your own home instead? One of the most crucial accommodation factors that can set the mood is the room’s elegance, and especially how luxurious the bathroom is. The bathroom is easily taken for granted as a purely utilitarian place. However, if done right, it can also be an oasis of relaxation and romance.

Here are a few touches to add for your bathroom design to put you in the mood for romance.

1) Surround yourself with romantic tones

To play ambient music in your bathroom to set the mood, you might think it’s unnecessary to spend a fortune on smart speakers and install them into ceilings to avoid water splash. However, a high-definition waterproof Bluetooth speaker can easily be purchased without burning a hole in your pocket.

2) Must-have His-and-Hers Basins & Vanity

Did you love that stylish vanity area at the last holiday accommodation you have visited? Why not replicate it right at home, and avoid the squabble over who’s hogging the mirror, with a His-and-Hers vanity?

Aside from not having to share a mirror, it’s also an investment in storage space, as you would usually accompany the addition of dual hand wash basins with two vanity cabinets for storing bathroom accessories and towels. Maximize comfort and create that perfect dream bathroom environment to indulge together with your loved one.

3) Invest in a rain shower for two

Tired of the forceful stream of water from your regular shower head whenever you take a shower? The last thing you’d want after a long day at work is probably a struggle in the bathroom. So instead, perhaps try a calming rain shower, where water is evenly spread over a large area to create that luxurious rain-like experience.

4) Romance with scents

Everyone knows aromatherapy can do wonders when it comes to stress relief and set the stage for romance. Simply invest in a diffuser and some of your favourite essential oils to set the mood of choice, and help mask lingering bathroom odours in the process. Alternatively, go a little more old-school and burn a scented candle to create the idyllic atmosphere for an idyllic experience.

Even if candles and diffusers aren’t quite your cup of tea, shampoo or body wash infused with aromatherapy scents can have the same effect of leaving your bathroom smelling like heaven after a shower.

For a refreshing and clean aroma, try something with citrus – like lemon, orange, or even kumquat – or an ocean scent. If you prefer something soothing, lavender is always a safe choice.

So what are you waiting for? Transform your bathroom, and your home just might become end up becoming your daily favourite holiday getaway with your loved one.