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Nov 12, 2018
Decorative Ideas For Your Bathroom This Christmas

If you love to get into the Christmas spirit and eagerly decorate your home once the festive season rolls around, make sure you adorne your bathroom as well! Whether you’re hosting the Christmas party and want to ‘wow’ your guests, or simply looking for extra ways to get the kids excited for Santa’s arrival, decorating […]

Nov 12, 2018
The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For The Bathroom

With the festive season quickly approaching, it’s good to get the gift picking out of the way to avoid the last minute Christmas rush! Instead of the classic socks and jocks, why not consider gift ideas to spruce up the bathroom? From decor to pampering items, we have put together some creative bathroom gift ideas […]

Nov 07, 2018
How To Create A Safe Bathroom Perfect For The Elderly

Whether you’re getting older yourself or want to help out a loved one, adapting bathrooms to meet the needs of the elderly gives peace of mind that the vulnerable members of your family are kept safe. Here are our top tips to create a bathroom suitable for seniors. 1. Protect Against Potential Hazards With 81% […]

Oct 30, 2018
3 Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Couple Friendly Bathroom

Whether you’ve chosen to move in together or your partner visits regularly, the choice to create a more couple friendly bathroom can be key to a healthy and happy relationship. Here are our top tips to create a bathroom that pleases both you and your partner! Neutral Shades When looking to change your bathroom to […]

Oct 29, 2018
4 Common Bathroom Habits And Their Gross/Unhygienic Reality

Your bathroom is your private sanctuary where you get ready to greet each day. It’s the space for some ‘me time’ and for you to relax and unwind after a long day. However, these common habits are actually turning your retreat into a space alive with bacteria. 1. Leaving makeup on your bench Bathrooms are […]

Oct 24, 2018
3 More Ways To Create a Family-Friendly Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

Having a bathroom that is both stylish and secure space for your children is what every family bathroom needs. This blog carries on from our first family bathroom blog to give you 3 more ways to create a family friendly bathroom without sacrificing style. 1. Keep Harmful Items Out of the Way Your bathroom is […]

Oct 22, 2018
Top Tips To Unclog Your Bathroom Drains

Are your bathroom drains not doing the job properly? Perhaps they are awfully slow, or maybe that gurgling noise has amplified and all your childhood fears of what’s living down the drain have re-emerged? Now, we can assure you that there aren’t any monsters hiding in the drain, but it could indicate that they are […]

Oct 17, 2018
3 Beautiful Ways To Add Marble To Your Bathroom

If you’re looking to add a sense of style, elegance and sophistication to your bathroom, introducing marble is a perfect choice! Marble has been used in design to signify wealth and high social status since ancient times and has continued to be a timeless material ever since. Here are our top 3 ideas for adding […]

Oct 11, 2018
3 Reasons Why Wallpaper Is A Modern Way To Renovate Your Bathroom

You might associate wallpaper with vibrant 70’s bathrooms, embellished in bold floral patterns and retro patterns – so, it’s hard to imagine it as a modern way to renovate. However, it is an increasingly popular choice for bathroom decor. Not only is it an affordable option, but it is an easy way to revamp your […]

Oct 04, 2018
Transform Your Bathroom Into A Tropical Oasis

When you think of the beach, what do you imagine? A tranquil atmosphere? Cool, rolling waves? Sunshine? The crisp air? Well, now you can invoke all these positive feelings in your bathroom with our top four tips to transform your bathroom into a tropical-themed paradise. 1. Balanced colour palette The beach embodies two environments – […]

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